Prince 2 is the de facto standard in project management methodologies. It provides not only valuable and widely recognised project management qualifications, but also an exceptionally flexible and adaptable means to successfully deliver any type of project.

Prince 2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management

Prince 2 is often cited as the world’s most widely used project management method. The method is used by many different types of organisations to manager projects of different sizes in a variety of environments.

The method was updated in 2009 to the Prince 2 2009 version.

For more information visit the Official PRINCE2 Website.


The Prince 2 method is based around 7 themes. The themes represent the essential elements of a successful project.

Business Case The reason for undertaking the project
Organisation The structure of the project team
Quality The customers quality expectations
Plans The plans to achieve the desired outcome
Risk The risks within the project and their mitigations
Changes Change control of the benefits, scope or outcomes of the project
Progress Monitoring the project and dealing with issues


Prince2 Processes

The steps of project management are dealt with by 7 processes in the Prince 2 method.

Starting up a Project
During this process the project team is designed and appointed, the aims of the project are defined and the customer's quality expectations are identified.

Directing a Project
This process covers the steps to be taken by the senior management team throughout the the project from strat-up to project closure.

Initiating a Project
This process prepares the information on whether there is sufficient justification to proceed with the project, it establishes a sound management basis for the project and creates a detailed project plan.

Contolling a Stage
This process deals with the activities of the Project Manager undertaken to ensure that the stage stays on course. It includes monitoring and control activities.

Managing Product Delivery
This process provides mechanisms to allow the Project Manager and specialist teams to agree the details of work and products to be delivered.

Managing a Stage Boundary
The aim of this process is to report on the outcome and performance of the stage which just ended. To seek approval to move to the next stage and to plan the next stage.

Closing a Project
This process deals with the activities required to bring a project to an end. Capture lessons learned, put support arrangements in place, make follow-on recommendations.

Management Products

To allow information to be captured and communication in a standard way the Prince 2 method makes use of 26 management products such as Business Cases and Highlight Reports.

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